Monday, October 11, 2010

WORDS WIN! Philosophy helps develop Championship Team

This post was sent to our main web site Big House Power by member Chris Mattingly.  We at Big House Power are extremely excited that our WORDS WIN! philosophy of "Competing in Life, ON and OFF the Field" is working for others.  We are excited that Chris shared this with us.

Coach Kenn,

I have followed your career and your philosophies since your early days at Boise state and have used the Tier System with much success since I first read an article you wrote in the old NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal.  I recently switched schools to coach track and field with one of my best friends and I sent him your article on WORDS WIN the day it came out.  He loved it and we adopted it as our team "theme" for not only last year but for the duration.  It made a huge difference and they won their first conference title in 35 years.  With everyone back, this year we feel we can make a run at a state title if everything falls correctly.  I am writing this to let you know that the concept of WORDS WIN is putting a great group of athletes in a position to be extremely successful.

On a side note, an ex student of mine is on the strength staff at Stanford and he was very impressed by your presentation.

Chris Mattingly
Lake Stevens High School 

Remember, the WORDS WIN philosophy entails numerous values that anyone can develop or adapt to be successful in all aspects of life.

Thanks Chris for sharing and 
Coach Kenn